Film Club

2014-03-08 Blog posterIn February 2014 I started a Film & Debate club in Buje, Croatia as part of my EVS Project at the Local Democracy Agency in Brtonigla.

I started it with the intention to get local people, especially young people, to discuss social issues that affect them and their community, to make them more informed about these issues and to see different perspectives, or learn about the same issues in other countries as my fellow volunteers and I could talk about the situation where we come from. It is also a way for people to use and develop their English skills (and me my Croatian and Italian) in an interesting way.

In the meetings we show a short film or two that present the issue to be discussed in an interesting way, by showing a different perspective or situation to normal, and then there is an open discussion about the film and the topic that was shown.

Check back on this page for links to the posts on our meetings and our discussions of the films we watch, and the related social issues.

1. Love is All You Need?


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