Express punishments

We kept our heads down in the week after Osijek, we had to win back the ‘trust’ of our superiors.

Despite their claims to the contrary, punishment seemed to be the way to win back this trust, for some reason most of this burden fell on Alessio. One evening when I was teaching English, Alessio went with Monika to Brtonigla to do a presentation on EVS. Monika had been asked to prepare this in Croatian, so Alessio’s attendance was not really necessary, and he spoke briefly (in Italian) at the end, adding a few sentences about his experience. Upon their return he was annoyed, firstly about the waste of time it had been for him, but more because Elena had told him that he would go to Trieste on Friday evening with her and Umberto, so he wouldn’t be able to take Friday as a free day, which they had previously agreed, to travel back to Pistoia for the weekend. On top of this he was not allowed a free day on Monday. In spite of this, Alessio went home after the event in Trieste, and planned to arrive back on Monday morning for work.

Royal Rumble at the kick boxing comp

Royal Rumble at the kick boxing comp

On Saturday, Monika and I went to watch a kick boxing competition in Buje. Unfortunately this was cut short because many of the competitors had not turned up, and our late arrival meant we saw just a couple of rounds.

Amused in Buje

Amused in Buje

In the evening we picked up Francesca and Daniela (a Spanish volunteer in Labin) from Umag, rushed home, didn’t rush getting ready, and went to Kaštelir, where we met the girls from the care home in Poreč and awaited the performance of the Night Express Band.

This was the second time we had seen the band, and it brought about the second meeting between Monika and Loris. Prior to seeing him Monika planned to ‘play it cool’, which she did by standing right at the front, and then being captivated when speaking to him for the whole of the break in their set. She was even happier when Svjetlana (one of the girls from Poreč) spoke to him the next day and found out that he liked Monika, even if she didn’t show it.

We stayed for the whole performance, which meant getting home around 5am, and sleeping until around 11, when Irena returned. We had a relaxed Sunday; Monika, Daniela and Francesca explored all of Buje before Francesca went back to Vodnjan; then, during a communal dinner, we discussed Daniela’s love for Keanu Reeves, which led to us watching 47 Ronin.

Night Express in Kaštelir

Night Express in Kaštelir

Going to work in the morning we saw Alessio in Buje, he had traveled all night to go to work in the school. In the office Monika and I were given some interesting work, Elena asked us each to come up with an idea for a project that the LDA could apply for through the new Erasmus+ programme. This gave us something to do, and I spent the morning researching what could be applied for under Erasmus+, and the main aims of the new programme.


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