Party-time in Osijek

We left the rain in Buje behind at 5am. On our chartered bus with a few students from the Italian high school (participants of Youth for EU) and Nina there was lots of space to sleep. After picking up some others on the way were woke up to a light covering of snow around us past Rijeka. This snowfall followed us all the way to Osijek.

We stopped in Sisak to pick up more participants, it had been snowing there for a while but when we arrived in Osijek around 2pm the snow was just beginning to fall. The long travel left us hungry, and eventually we got lunch after we had checked into our B&B – this was lovely, but under-utilised. After lunch we had a short time to get ready for the evening, and our movements had started to become hampered by the snow, which was falling steadily now.

Playing in the snow

Playing in the snow

The final event of Youth for EU took place in one of the participating schools in Osijek. It was used to present the results of the project, including TV and radio spots, and a ‘Voice of Youth’ document, to the project partners, local and national representatives, and media organisations. The following buffet was not fully appreciated, having eaten a large lunch just a few hours before.

When full Monika, Alessio and I tried to find a way to Alex and Klaudia’s party. This was not easy, with long waits for the few working taxis (the taxi we took picked up another person whilst we were in it), but we got there.

After a few hours of socialising with Alex, Klaudia, and friends, Alessio and I made the fatal mistake of not getting in a taxi when Monika left, thinking we would be able to get one later. We carried on for a while, and then continued at an impromptu after-party, at which we got stuck.

I didn't get a mask...

I didn’t get a mask…

We were woken by Nina calling us, when she was at our B&B, with everyone else ready to go for a small tour of snowy Osijek. She was not happy. We traipsed through the snow until we stumbled upon a taxi driver who took us to pick up our bags and onto the destination for lunch.

At lunch Nina’s reception was as cold as the snow outside, but we made it through (just), and after eating got back on the bus and headed for Buje (via many other places).

Snow covered Osijek

Snow covered Osijek

The next week started with our bosses telling us off for what had happened on Saturday morning, with Umberto speaking in Italian and Nina translating. Afterwards Alessio said that Nina’s translation was stronger than Umberto’s original speech, something which was highlighted when he came and told us he didn’t care that much anyway.


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