I woke up fantastically fresh following our wine-and-walking night in Venezia.

Somehow representative of how I felt in the morning

Somehow representative of how I felt in the morning

OK, it is not strictly true, but by some miracle I did avoid a hangover.

Waiting for a plan to be formed was too much for some, and Léa, Ane and Jana set off for Padova ahead of everyone else. Even with three less we were still struggling to get to a coherent solution. Eventually we decided that Alessio, Monika and I – along with Irene, Alessio’s ‘undefined’ partner (girlfriend), who had joined us – would go to Venezia to see it in daylight, whilst the rest went to Padova. After a brief visit Monika and I would get the train to Padova to be reunited, and then we would come back to Croatia together.

Photo time

Photo time

We were gifted some December sunshine, though it was bitingly cold, especially with the wind funnelled down the narrow Venetian streets, and the hour that Monika and I had planned to spend there was extended to all afternoon. It was not a bad way to pass an afternoon though, wandering the canals and alleyways for a few hours, getting lost, and getting to know Alessio’s better half, who was friendly, beautiful, and (much like Angela’s friends of the previous evening) loved my forays into the Italian language.

Just another day at the office

Just another day at the office


We fought our way back through the labyrinth to the train station, where Monika and I said goodbye to Alessio and Irene and caught the train to Padova, where we struggled to find some pizza, and then struggled to find Angela and the others.

Venetian corners

Venetian corners

The result of an exhausting few days was that I feel asleep instantly in the car; I woke up at certain points to a state of confusion about whether we were in Italy or Slovenia, or even on the right road. I had trust in the driver and navigator though, so went back to sleep. This trust was well placed as I woke up again outside our house in Buje.

End of the weekend

End of the weekend

Still tired enough to sleep for a few days, I collapsed into bed, and woke up in a new week, during which a few things actually happened.

On Monday Irena, Monika and I went with Elena to the kindergarten for a meeting to discuss whether we could help there. It was the second time the meeting had been organised, the first one being cancelled because one person couldn’t make it, but the result was that we could help immediately (starting that week). Whilst it isn’t really to do with the themes of our project, I agreed to it for something to do.

We went there for the first time on Wednesday, when Monika, Irena and I all went in together, and worked in ‘Sparks’ class, apparently so called because they have a few wild boys – but all of the children are crazy. At the beginning, many of them, mostly girls, were quite scared of me, possibly added to by the fact that I don’t speak Croatian, but a common language is not always necessary, and when we left they were sad to see us go.


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