Weekly Photo Challenge: Treasure

Croatia EVS 150

Croatia EVS 068

These are the things I treasure – friends, spending time with them (even better if there is food as well).

I am currently living with limited money, and try to live without being such a consumer, sometimes it is hard – coming from the UK it is what the young generations have grown up with, validating yourself by what you have. But what I have mostly missed is having a group of friends – I have made some here locally but it is diffcult, and many of those that I have made are spread across Croatia – so any time I get to spend with them, I treasure.

This is in response to this weeks photo challenge, get involved and see other entries here.


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    • I know, I think I will take that bit out, but being a British male I needed something to cover my feelings, when truth and sincerity would be much better. Thanks for your visit and comment.

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