Finida and The Night Express Band

After our day in the school we were told about an event in the nearby village of Finida on Saturday. It was a sort of small ‘festival’, possibly celebrating local mushrooms (there were stands with them being sold), or for the village’s Saint’s day. Whatever it was it ended with a concert featuring a popular Istrian band ‘The Night Express’. Monika, Alessio and I went, and met Maja, Elisa and Ana (from the school).

The band were excellent, exciting and energetic, playing more or less continuously for about 3 hours. They played a variety of covers of Balkan songs, English language and other international songs – Monika was shocked that I knew La Bamba when they started to play it – and what was either original material or local Istrian songs. Monika, my guide to all things Balkan, didn’t know these either, so she was equally confused as me.

We partied until the early hours, and when they had finished we were chatting, firstly about who cooked in our house, and we told Maja and Ana about how much Alessio loves to cook (slightly sarcastically) and my cooking skills were laughed at a bit, because apparently you “shouldn’t” have eggs with gnocchi (even if it is tasty). This led to a small challenge from Maja, who was interested in experiencing a British-Italian culinary combination (clash?), and invited us to cook for them at some point, which we were happy to accept.

During this discussion Monika was distracted, and kept looking to the stage where the band were de-rigging, and found out this was because Monika thought the trumpeter was one of the most attractive guys she had ever seen, but was too shy to go and talk to him.

The crowd in Finida (photo source: The Night Express Band)

The crowd in Finida (photo source: The Night Express Band)

Luckily for her though, Alessio wasn’t.

With Maja’s help Alessio got him to introduce himself to Monika, which she could not have been more embarrassed about. And even though she was (secretly) ecstatic about it, her embarrassment was projected into a bit of a beating for Alessio.


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