Weekly Photo Challenge: Window

The theme for this week’s photo challenge is ‘window’. I have to admit to a bit of a photographic love of windows (and doors), not necessarily of the view out (or in) but with them as the subject. It is interesting how something as simple as a hole in a wall to let in light has developed to have more uses, and can be personalised in so many ways, which can tell us a lot about the window’s owner (even when the personalisations are used to protect their privacy).

A glimpse

A glimpse

Pots in the window

Pots in the window

These first two photos were taken in Groznjan (which you can read about here), showing some simple, traditional windows here in Croatia, showing how their treatment can differ, and giving us a view of who owns them. The following is of the same style, on an abandoned building in Buje, showing what can happen when they are not treated at all.

Hanging on

Hanging on

You can get involved with this week’s challenge here.


6 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Window

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  3. Thanks for the pictures. They are very atmospheric. It was so good to see you with us at Christmas. May you have a great 2014.
    G & G

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