Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon

SunriseThis weeks photo challenge is on the theme of horizon and I thought I would add this shot, one I took a few days ago. To be honest, it is not a horizon that has any particular significance for me, I just thought it looked good at the time. For me it is the horizon that I see every morning through my bathroom window. Even though this is a photo challenge, if you will indulge me I will add some words for meaning, and on the theme of horizon.

This is a relatively new horizon for me, one that I got when I traded in Bristol’s city-scape for the Croatian countryside. This move shifted everything that was on my personal horizon, in a big, obvious physical way, but also in other, some big, some subtle, metaphorical ways. Before leaving I had followed a traditional path; school, university and I was lucky to have a permanent and stable job my field after leaving university; on my horizon, following the traditional path, I would probably have found chartership as an engineer, and furthering of my career; finding someone to marry; buying a house and starting a family and these were the priorities in my life, and what I was working towards. But when I created this fork in my path I shifted my horizon, at least for 11 months.

With the move I created the opportunity to see new horizons, and have new priorities to aim for on the horizon. The old priorities may still be there, but more distant – though, as you can’t see over the horizon, chartership may just fall into my lap whilst I’m here… or love, probably more likely to be love. On my horizon now I have the aims of learning Croatian and Italian; getting to know, and integrating with, the community I am now part of, and the wider area, country and region of Europe; having responsibility for a project; more travelling, and there are so many people on the horizon to meet that I apologise to those who meet me when I am tired or distant, I probably just don’t want to have to introduce myself again.

I guess the photo represents a new period of my life, firstly there is the obvious, as it was taken just after dawn. Taking the horizon as any one of my goals, then the early morning mist is obscuring the way, but as it clears (as I work on them) the path to the horizon will become clear, as will any unseen obstacles in the way. And having the horizon up hill means that even with a clear path getting to it will always take some effort.

So it seems this photo has more significance than I first thought, and as I look at it each morning I will remember what I am working towards (and then drive to work in the opposite direction).


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